Opening Date For Pha's Thai Kitchen

The open day for Pha's Kitchen is going to be Friday the 16th of March. Everything is on track with the renovations and the transformation has be pretty amazing to say the least...

Progress Report For Pha's Kitchen Renovations

We've been working relentlessly on the renovations over the last few weeks and bit by bit it's all coming together. As you can see from the photos below, a lot has happened since we first started nearly 3 weeks ago.

Renovations For Pha's Thai Kitchen Underway

After much searching we found the ideal home for Pha's Kitchen. The location is 121 Sharp Street (the old Danielle's on Main).

This space has a long history with a number of popular restaurants over the years, Louis & Paulette's, Cafe Upstairs, Danielle's On Main just to name a few. The liquor license papers show that it has been a licensed premises since 1985! 

With nearly 30 years of restaurants we felt it was time to give this great location a total overhaul. We started by taking out the old bar, knocking down the walls so the kitchen is now open, ripping up the old carpet, completely stripping the kitchen (walls & floors) and removing all fittings (shelves and lights. As you can see by the pictures below we are getting stuck into it and having a lot of fun.